Cats Hidden in Italy (Nintendo Switch)

Publisher: Travellin Cats

What I Paid: $1.50

Verdict: Not Shovelware. Very short.

What I Say: One hand drawn screen with 100 hidden cats and 26 other objects. At first sight you think – ‘there is absolutely no way that 100 cats are hidden on this screen’ – but there are. Some are quite tricky to find, but towards the end you at least get a hint as to where the last few are. You can zoom in with ZR, something I only discovered by accident.

Once you’ve found all 100 objects you unlock a timer mode.

There is only one screen to play, so replay value is very limited and it should only take you an hour or so to play. The screenshots in the eShop are all zooms of the single play screen. Despite its very short length and very basic nature, I hesitate to call this one shovelware since clearly a decent amount of development time has been put into this title; the screen is very detailed, different sound effects are used for the different cats and objects and several variations on the very relaxing background music can be found.

What They Say:

Cats Hidden in Italy is a cute hidden object game set in Italy.

100 cats are waiting for you to be discovered within a hand-drawn background. Relax, thanks to the chill soundtrack

Found a cat? Click on it!

1 Level, 100 cats
Easter Eggs
Hint System
Timer mode with leaderboard


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