Good Guys (Nintendo Switch)

Publisher: DillyFrame

What I Paid: $1.50

Verdict: Shovelware. 100%ed it.

What I Say:

This is a comic. Read the image. Press ‘A’. Repeat. The story is short and…bizarre. Read “What They Say” below – it truly is that weird.

There is a second story – entirely black-and-white – which is conveniently not shown in the screenshots below by the publisher. This seems incomplete as there is very little dialogue and it makes even less sense than the primary comic.

What They Say:

“Good Guys” is a linear visual novel that tells us about the adventure of two pets in a comic book format.

They are ordinary pets during the day, but as soon as their man goes to bed, they jump into their old car and fly to save poor four-legged creatures from all over the galaxy! Our smaller brothers suffer in the mines of other planets, they are treated horribly and kept in slavery. But our heroes are determined to end this! They will free their brothers and sisters from space captivity and place them in loving families.

Why do they do this? Yes, because they are GOOD GUYS!


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