Construct Farm (Nintendo Switch)

Publisher: Nerd Games

What I Paid: $1.50

Verdict: Shovelware.

What I Say:

This is one of the worst Shovelware titles I have ever had the displeasure of reviewing.

Firstly, the A and B buttons are reversed in their usual actions. This is always annoying.

Secondly, there is no actual gameplay as such. You pick from several buildings, vehicles, crops and tiles and place them on a map. That’s it.

Nothing moves. Nothing grows. Nothing changes. You can’t save (despite what the description says). Breathtakingly little effort has been put into this ‘Made with Unity’ title.

A question that troubled me when I first started up this title: why does the background music sound like it has been ripped from a porno?

Don’t waste your money.

What They Say:

You can use an inventory of structures to place houses, barns, rustic buildings, supplies, crops, and all the components that create a farm scene. You can save your designs to continue later. With a friendly and comfortable design, build your farm, fill the fields with animals, vehicles, and crops as you wish and wherever you want.


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