Clunky Hero (Nintendo Switch)

Publisher: chaosmonger studio

What I Paid: $5.74

Verdict: Not Shovelware. Game Breaking Bug.

What I Say: Third wall breaking humour, sarcasm, wit, and poking fun at your own genre are all very well, but Clunky Hero mostly falls flat with its attempts. The grammar implies that English isn’t the first language of the developer here so the humour is even more stilted. To top it off, the developer has switched the functionality of the ‘A’ and the ‘B’ buttons so that ‘B’ is your primary button, a pet hate of mine leading to frequent erroneous button presses. One more grizzle and I’ll talk about the game itself: combat continues whilst the on screen menu is displayed, so inadvertently snatching defeat from the jaws of victory isn’t uncommon.

Clunky Hero is a platformer with some basic RPG elements. Your wife is kidnapped by the Evil One (who shall not be named – wink wink aren’t we clever with our pop culture reference) and you have to get her back. That’s the plot.

The game itself is simply not very good. Yes, there are many worse platformers out there, but equally there are many more better ones than this.

Did I say I was finished grumbling about the game? I lied. I encountered a game breaking bug not very far in (see the last screenshot below – once I saved at the lantern, I was stuck – I couldn’t go left, right or up) and since the game auto-saves into the same slot, if I wanted to keep playing I’d have to start again. Yeah…nah.

What They Say:

Clunky Hero is a story-driven, platformer metroidvania, with a touch of RPG, Hack’n’Slash and tons of humor. If you’d love a platformer game where you have a funny storyline, can talk with characters, solve side quests, find and buy items, change weapons and wearables, with great hand-drawn-looking backgrounds, presented in a very comical way, then Clunky Hero might be the game of your dreams!

Nearly 50 levels set in 9 different areas
15+ Interiors
8 Skills: Double Jump, Dash, Dive, Cling, Range Shot, Blasting Attack, Mighty Burp and Rocket Leap
Combine 9 different enhancement items on 3 bonus slots to boost your character’s skills and abilities
Defeat tough bosses
Humorous dialogues and funny items/weapons
Trade Items on various shops along the game
Various side quests to level up your character
Original Music

In a village far, far away, a dull peasant named Rufus was living an ordinary life. The boss of the house was his wife, Brunilde, a boisterously smart and funny woman that you wouldn’t exactly call “pretty”. Life was nice and happy in the village, until one day, awakened by some magical mistake, the Evil One started to spread his minions around town, performing hideous acts against the people. The worst of which was the kidnapping of Brunilde. She was torn from Rufus’ hands and put in a prison at the Evil One’s castle. Transformed into a blondie duck-faced doll girl, she now spends all her time staring at herself in a small handheld mirror.

Determined to win her back, Rufus made a helmet out of a bucket and picked a broom as a weapon. Everybody now calls him the CLUNKY HERO, but he might be the only hope to defeat the evil one that no one wants to call by name. Rufus is now on his journey to save his wife and the whole village!


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