So Much Stuff Collector’s Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Publisher: Ocean Media

What I Paid: $4.50

Verdict: Not Shovelware. 100%ed it.

What I Say: Ocean Media publish a ton of games in this genre, some with storylines and some without. This one has no storyline and is basically a variant on the standard Hidden Object genre. Variants include matching pairs, finding all instances of specific objects, moving pieces around to complete a picture, the occasional find the differences puzzle (not my favourite) and surprisingly difficult jigsaw puzzles.

There’s enough worthwhile content here to avoid the Shovelware tag – I probably spent about 5 hours in total completing all the puzzles in the game.

What They Say:

Come along and find ALL the stuff in this clever hidden-object game!
You’ll search for tons of objects and trinkets through dozens of themed scenes from safari to geology and more!
With so much to find, and a variety of mini-games to conquer, So Much Stuff is a hidden-object fan’s dream!

The ultimate sorting and matching game that will put your object recognition skills to the test!
With 18 exciting themes for the levels, 4 challenging game modes,
and brain-teasing puzzles and find-the-difference minigames,
this game is sure to provide hours of fun and challenge.

Immerse yourself as you sort and organize an assortment of items for your fun and enjoyment!
Go through various levels and clear out different scenes while collecting little trinkets to fill a room with!


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