Heisting (Nintendo Switch)

Publisher: QubicGames

What I Paid: $1.50 + $3.00 for the DLCs (Wicked No. 1, Arsenal)

Verdict: Not Shovelware.

What I Say: A fun little game where you steal items from various locations (banks, jewellery stores, museums and the like). Stealing involves standing in front of a stealable object for a sufficient amount of time and then waiting in a specific other area of the level to load your van with the stolen goods.

Helping you along the way are your minions, which you can purchase more of at any time, funds permitting. Stealable items take between 0 and 4 minions to carry back to your van, and when they’re carrying stolen goods, they can’t help defend you.

Hindering you are guards and quite tight time limits. Frequent side missions help bolster your finances.

What They Say:

You are a masterful thief who embarks on a stealing spree across the world’s most luxurious museums, galleries, and banks!

Gather your crew of robbers and devise the perfect plan as you progress through increasingly difficult levels.

If things go wrong, and believe us, they will, it will be up to your skills to shoot your way out to safety. Choose your upgrades carefully, as they could be the difference between a big payday and a messy failure.

As you progress, you will need to convince more robbers to join your gang and help you with your heists. In order for the heist to be completed, you will need to steal everything in your sight.

You will encounter different enemies who will try to prevent you from taking your loot, and you’ll need to adapt a unique strategy to get around each one of them.


  • rob the most luxurious banks, museums and galleries with the help of your gang!
  • recruit new members to increase the size of the group and complete levels more efficiently
  • buy upgrades for your weapons, skins, crew, and alarm delay
  • carry out various missions: Gang War, Laser Madness, Jewellery Shop, Bank, The Tomb, Take Them Out and many more!
  • wear different awesome skins with their own health stats
  • use diverse weapons with their own damage and fire rate stats
  • open safes to draw weapon or skin cards
  • become incredibly rich!

Immerse yourself into a world where everything is yours for the taking. How much money can you get? The sky’s the limit!


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