Cake Laboratory (Nintendo Switch)

Publisher: GRIMTALIN

What I Paid: $1.50

Verdict: Not Shovelware. 100%ed it.

What I Say:

This game’s premise is very simple: drop cakes onto a progressively larger and more difficult stack. The cakes increase in variety (and width) the further you get into the game. This is a very easy game, presumably targeted at young children with bright colours and happy sounds. You can also add custom cake designs which (I think) are incorporated into the game itself – I got bored quickly with this feature and just added the same cake over and over again.

I managed to 100% this within a few hours. Not shovelware but not very deep either.

What They Say:

Tower of cakes, every child’s dream! Let the kid in you go crazy with sweet and delicious cake towers.

Cake Laboratory is a stacking game with a sweet twist to it. Use cakes instead of taking breaks, and make the most delicious tower.

A casual game for all family to enjoy, child-friendly and challenging at the same time.


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