Publisher: RandomSpin Games

What I Paid: $1.50

Verdict: Shovelware

What I Say: This is an incremental clicker game where you gradually build up an alien structure by simply clicking ‘A’. Clicking builds up cash for upgrades, including faster cash increments. Fairly soon into the game, you can purchase an automatic clicker and then after that all that remains is periodically buying an upgrade until the structure is complete. 4-5 MINUTES is all this takes. There are some internal trophies to collect, but you’ll be done very, very soon and there is minimal replay value to this game. This was actually the game which inspired me to create this blog.

What They Say:

“Alien Engine” is an incremental game where you need to build a megastructure alien organism in an extraterrestrial style of technology.

– Earn your first money by pressing a “Y” button. – Increase your income by buying new elements of Alien Engine like tentacles, plasma balls, light spheres. – Use an Exposure to upgrade all your engine parts. – Photon speed decreases your engine phase and your engine will earn more money every second. – Learn new technologies to open Сryochamber, Superluminal Engine and Wormhole. – Beware of breakdowns! Breakdowns will decrease your income money every second. Build a full Alien Engine and earn a billion dollars!


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